Chen Xiang (Aloeswood) Incense
Chen Xiang (Aloeswood) Incense
Chen Xiang (Aloeswood) Incense
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Chen Xiang (Aloeswood) Incense

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** New incense in stock, and it is significantly higher grade than the old one **

-Each tube contains ~18.75g (old container was 10g)

-Will update with more details soon.


Chen Xiang has been revered by people of many cultures and religions for thousands of years. Chen Xiang is a wonderful complement to a tea experience and is also exceptional for prayer, meditation and other practices. Our Chen Xiang is extremely pure and clean. There are 2 ingredients: Chen Xiang (aloeswood) and "nan wood"; nan wood is the resin from a tree in Vietnam. There are no fillers, additives, chemicals, perfumes, etc. Our Chen Xiang incense comes from naturally injured Aquilaria trees, and is quite different from the majority of aloeswood which is extracted from trees that are injured and inoculated by humans. Wild/ naturally injured trees produce aloeswood with greater depth in both smell and physiological affect. Cultivated wood can typically be recognized by a overly greasy appearance and sickly-sweet smell. The depth of smell and affect on the mind is no match for naturally injured for the chen xiang produced by naturally injured Aquilaria trees.

We have many customers who, when I first introduced them to Chen Xiang, said that they cannot be around any incense because they have an allergy. Most incense on the market is full of artificial chemicals, dyes, smells, etc. They are not healthy to burn. Our generally philosophy is that if you cannot eat it, you should not burn it. It is very normal to be allergic to toxic chemicals, and it means that your body is sensitive enough to know you should not be inhaling it. Suffice to say, people who are very sensitive often find themselves obsessed with Chen Xiang because it is completely different than other incense they have experienced before.

Chen Xiang is called aloeswood, agarwood, oud, and many other names.

The Chen Xiang used for this incense was harvested in Vietnam decades ago.

10 grams per container (40- 45 sticks)