Zheng Qi Tang Spring 2018 (357g Cake) 正氣溏
Zheng Qi Tang Spring 2018 (357g Cake) 正氣溏
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Zheng Qi Tang Spring 2018 (357g Cake) 正氣溏

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正氣溏 (Zheng Qi Tang) can mean healthy environment. 正氣 (Zheng Qi) in Chinese Medicine means vital energy, or upright Qi; Zheng Qi generally represents the totality of every good thing in our bodies. Tang can mean broth or pond.

We are really excited to carry tea from this area. The tea gardens are deep in the mountain where the soil is red, producing tea leaves with a one of a kind taste and effect. They are almost spicy, producing a really warm feeling. The broth, even the raw leaf, causes the mouth to strongly salivate and the body to feel smooth.

The elevation of this area is 1,914 meters with trees ranging from 100 to 600 years old. This teacake is made of trees that are on average 300 years old. The highest areas in Zheng Qi Tang produce a powerful flavor with stronger bitter and astringent notes, with an equally powerful hui gan (returning sweetness). Just after a few cups in can leaving you feeling warm followed by a deep meditating feeling.

Spring 2019 Zheng Qi Tang won a Golden Prize at the Shenzhen International Tea Exhibition!

Location: Zheng Qi Tang, Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan